Jocko River (Montana)

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Jocko River
CountrySanders and Lake County, Montana
Physical characteristics
 • coordinates47°11′40″N 113°51′10″W / 47.19444°N 113.85278°W / 47.19444; -113.85278 (Jocko River)[1]
 • coordinates
47°19′17″N 114°18′15″W / 47.32139°N 114.30417°W / 47.32139; -114.30417 (Jocko River)Coordinates: 47°19′17″N 114°18′15″W / 47.32139°N 114.30417°W / 47.32139; -114.30417 (Jocko River)[1]
 • elevation
2,503 feet (763 m)[1]
Basin size380 sq mi (980 km2)
 • average234 cu ft/s (6.6 m3/s)
Basin features
River systemColumbia River

The Jocko River (Salish: nisisutetkʷ ntx̣ʷe [2]) is a roughly 40-mile (64 km) tributary of the Flathead River in western Montana in the United States. It rises in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and flows west into the Flathead at Dixon. The elevation is 2,503 feet (763 m) where it joins the Flathead. It is also known as Jacques Fork, Jim's Fork, Prune River or Wild Horse Creek. The river breaks into three forks, the North, Middle and South Forks, of which the Middle Fork is considered the main stem.

It is named after Jacques (Jocko) Raphael Finlay (1768-1828), an early Metis fur trader, scout, and explorer.

The Jocko Valley was the site of flooding in June 2011, when the Jocko River overflowed its banks as a result of a "200% of average" snowpack combined with heavy precipitation.[3]

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