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Joe Guy

Joseph ("Joe") Guy (born 30 July 1813 at Nottingham; died 15 April 1873 at Nottingham) was an English professional cricketer who played first-class cricket from 1837 to 1854.

A right-handed batsman and occasional wicket-keeper who was mainly associated with Nottinghamshire, he made 149 known appearances in first-class matches.[1] He represented the Players in the Gentlemen v Players series and was an original member of William Clarke's All-England Eleven. He also played for Hampshire.

Guy was a great stylist as a batsman and Clarke said of him: "Elegance, all elegance, fit to play before the Queen in her parlour."[2]

Guy scored 3395 runs in his first-class career at 13.41 with a top score of 98 from eight half-centuries. He took 102 catches and completed 14 stumpings.


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