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Joe Patchen (May 5, 1889 – February 18, 1917) was a Standardbred racehorse foaled in Peabody, Kansas, United States. His sire was Patchen Wilkes and his dam was Josephine Young.[1] Though best remembered for siring the famous Dan Patch, Joe Patchen enjoyed a successful racing career of his own.

Racing career[edit]

A large-bodied horse with unusually long legs, Joe Patchen was a strong contender on half-mile tracks. Joe Patchen won 53% of the races in which he started, and finished second in 39%. He was unplaced (out of the top four) in only 3% of his races. Though his exact career winnings are unknown, estimates place them in excess of $50,000. Joe Patchen broke the record for a half-mile track in August, 1896, with a time of 2:05¼. This world record stood for seven years until his son Dan Patch lowered it to 2:04.

Patchen was trained by Harness Racing Hall of Fame trainer John Dickerson.

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