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Joseph "Joe" Queenan (born November 3, 1950) is an American journalist, critic, and essayist.

A self-employed satirist and movie critic, Queenan is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has written for such publications as Spy Magazine, TV Guide, Movieline, The Guardian,[1] The American Spectator, The Weekly Standard,[2] and The New York Times Book Review. He writes the Moving Targets column for the Wall Street Journal.


Queenan attended St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia. He now lives in Tarrytown, New York. He is married and has two children.[citation needed]


  • Balsamic Dreams: A Short But Self-Important History of the Baby Boomer Generation, a critique of the Baby Boomers generation ISBN 0805067205
  • Red Lobster, White Trash, and the Blue Lagoon: Joe Queenan's America, a tour of low-brow American pop culture ISBN 0786863323
  • Imperial Caddy: The Rise of Dan Quayle in America and the Decline and Fall of Practically Everything Else, a scathing view of Dan Quayle ISBN 1562829394
  • Closing Time, a memoir of Queenan's own abusive, alcoholic father and his bleak working-class upbringing in East Falls. Closing Time was included in The New York Times' list 100 Notable Books of 2009.[3] ISBN 9780670020638
  • If You're Talking to me Your Career Must be in Trouble: Movies, Mayhem, and Malice ISBN 0786884606
  • The Unkindest Cut: How a Hatchet-Man Critic Made His Own $7,000 Movie and Put It All on His Credit Card ISBN 0786860901
  • My Goodness: A Cynic's Short-Lived Search for Sainthood ISBN 0786884665
  • Malcontents: The Best Bitter, Cynical, and Satirical Writing in the World ISBN 0762416971
  • Queenan Country: A Reluctant Anglophile's Pilgrimage to the Mother Country ISBN 031242521X
  • True Believers: The Tragic Inner Life of Sports Fans ISBN 0805069798
  • Confessions of a Cineplex Heckler: Celluloid Tirades and Escapades ISBN 0786884649
  • One for the Books" (2012) ISBN 9780670025824


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