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Joe Stretch (born 7 January 1982), is an English writer.

His first novel, Friction, was published by Vintage Books at Random House in 2008. His second novel, Wildlife, was published in 2009. His visceral, savage writing style has led to comparisons with French novelist Michel Houellebecq.[1]

In his review of Wildlife in The Independent, Lee Rourke describes the book as "a serious meditation on technology and individualism."[2]

In 2010 Stretch wrote the first ever Choose Your Own Adventure audio novel to appear on Spotify.[3] It was read by the actress Anna Friel and marked the release of the debut album by the band Hurts.[4]

Stretch grew up in Burton-in-Kendal.[5] He studied politics at Manchester University and sings in the band Performance.[6]

He has lectured in Creative Writing at Keele University,[7] and Manchester Metropolitan University.[8] His third book, The Adult, was released in August 2012. It won the Somerset Maugham Award and was shortlisted for the Portico Prize.[9]


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