Joel Tudor

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Joel Tudor
Personal information
Born (1976-06-11) 11 June 1976 (age 42)
San Diego, California, U.S.
Weight65.9 kg (145 lb)
Surfing career
Best yearRanked 1st - 1998, 2004
2nd - 2000
3rd 2001 ASP World Tour Ranking
Major achievements2 times ASP Longboard World Champion
8 times US open Champion
5 times US Champion
Surfing specifications
Shaper(s)Donald Takayama
Quiver9'4" Classic, DTNR, HPNR & 9'6" Papa Joe
Favorite wavesBlack's Beach

Joel Tudor is a surfer, primarily known for longboarding, and competitive grappler from San Diego, California.


Early life[edit]

His father, Joe, who ignored the shortboard revolution himself and never abandoned his longboard, first put his Joel on a surfboard during a family trip to Puerto Vallarta. He was hooked instantly.[1]

Professional Surf career[edit]

He started out in skateboarding and, while in his early teens, gained both recognition and sponsorship for this. He became a professional surfer at 14 and won his first professional ASP competition at age 15, making him the youngest competitor to win an ASP event.[2]

He rode a longboard, and in 1998 he won his first ASP Longboard World Championship in the Canary Islands. He won the U.S. Open of longboarding 8 times, and won the ASP Longboard World Championship for the second time in 2004.[3][4][5]


Joel Tudor is also a Brazilian jiu-jitsu Black Belt under Carlson Gracie Black Belt and World Champion, Rodrigo Medeiros / BJJ Revolution Team.[6] He has won numerous Brazilian jiu-jitsu titles such as the Pan Ams and US Nationals. He is also an ADCC veteran.[7]

Other Projects[edit]

Joel now has his own surfboard manufacturing company called kookboxx, as well as selling wetsuits in Japan.[8] In 2010, he founded the international Longboard Competition called the Duct Tape Invitational.[9]


During 1999 - 2004 Tudor collaborated with photographer Michael Halsband to create Surf Book, a homage to the architects of contemporary surf culture. Tudor's text accompanied Halsband's photographs. The book was designed by Doug Lloyd and edited by Scott Hewlett. Additional text was written by C.R. Stecyk.[10]


Joel Tudor is featured in the art film "Surf Movie: reels 1- 14" shot in 8mm by Michael Halsband, as well as The Seedling, Sprout, and "The Present" surfing films all shot in 16mm film by Thomas Campbell. Tudor also features in a large number of other surf films including Longer, One California Day and Riding Waves. [11]


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