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Johan Henrik Rye.

Johan Henrik Rye (1 November 1787, in Bø, Telemark – 14 July 1868) was a Norwegian jurist and politician.

He served as County Governor of Jarlsbergs og Laurvigs amt (today named Vestfold) from 1829 to 1833. He was then appointed assessor at the Supreme Court.[1] In 1834 he was named to a committee which prepared the formannskap laws in Norway, introducing local governance in the country.[1]

He was elected to the Norwegian Parliament from the constituency Christiania in 1836, and was re-elected in 1839, 1842 and 1845.[2] From 1836 to 1837 he served as President of the Storting, together with Søren A. W. Sørenssen.[3]

Johan Henrik Rye was the brother of famous military officer Olaf Rye.[4] Johan Henrik married Jacobine "Bina" Ulrica Alstrup (1784–1851). Their daughter Thale Cathrine married later Councillor of State Niels Mathias Rye.[5]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Georg Jacob Bull
County Governor of Vestfold
Succeeded by
Ulrik Frederik Cappelen
Preceded by
Hans Riddervold
Søren A. W. Sørenssen
President of the Storting
Succeeded by
Hans Riddervold
Søren A. W. Sørenssen