Johann Baptista Ruffini

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Johann Baptista Ruffini (born in 1672 in Meran; died June 16, 1749 in Munich) was an important salt trader in Bavaria.

He was married to Maria Johann Unertl (1689–1768), a sister of the Privy Council Chancellor and Conference Minister Franz Xaver Josef Freiherr von Unertl and niece of the Traunstein salt administrative officer Johann Zacharias von Mezger, Edler von Meggenhoven.

His son-in-law was Lieutenant Field Marshal, War Council Director, and Privy Councillor Jean-Gaspard Reichsgraf Basselet von La Rosée. His grandson was the President of the Electoral Bavarian Upper Court of Appellation, Aloys Reichsgraf Basselet von La Rosée.

Ruffini was elevated Electoral Bavarian Court Chamber Councillor and Imperial Privy Councillor. In 1720, he was ennobled in Vienna. He is remembered through the Ruffini House at Munich's Rindermarkt, named after the Ruffini tower which he bought in 1708, and through his tombstone at the outer wall of St. Peter's Church in Munich.

The present-day head of the family, Enno Freiherr von Ruffin, has been married to Greek singer Vicky Leandros.