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Johann Christian Dieterich (1722[1]–1800) was the founder of the Dieterich’schen Verlagsbuchhandlung publishing house and a close friend of Georg Christoph Lichtenberg. He published the first Musen-Almanach.

Early years[edit]

Dieterich was born in Stendal. He began his career as proprietor of a silk shop in Berlin, which he moved to Gotha. In 1749 he married the daughter of the bookseller Mevius and began running his shop for him.[citation needed]


In 1760 he started a new bookshop in Göttingen, printed a few books, and in 1770 established a publishing house. Among the most famous authors whose works he published are Gottfried August Bürger and Georg Christoph Lichtenberg. He was a close friend of the latter, and between 1776 and his death in 1799, Lichtenberg lived in the Dieterich family's house. On his travels he wrote many long letters to the Dieterichs.[citation needed]


Dieterich died in Göttingen. His son Heinrich (1761-1837) continued running the business himself until 1824.

Works published by Dieterich before 1850[edit]


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  1. ^ The Allgemeinen Deutschen Biographie gives 1712, but this contradicts church records.