Johann Eyfells

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Johann Eyfells
Born Johann Eyfells
(1923-06-21) June 21, 1923 (age 94)[1]
Nationality Icelandic
Education Master of Fine Arts
Known for internationally known and exhibited artist and sculptor

Johann Eyfells currently lives and works in Fredericksburg, Texas and at 92 years of age is actively creating new and dynamic works of art on a daily basis.

Originally trained as an architect, he has been a working sculptor for over six decades and his creative work has not paused, relented or diminished since he left his position of Professor of Art at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Eyfells taught studio courses and worked as a producing and exhibiting artist from 1969 until his retirement from university teaching in 1999.

Unlike most retired art professors Johann's life and work have intensified, the scope of his material experimentation has expanded as have the dynamics of his creative aesthetic. He is a both thinker and a doer and his deeply personal philosophical explorations of existence and the universe are ever present in his work and thoughts.

Since he moved to his small ranch in the Hill Country of Texas his creative output has significantly increased and he continues to tirelessly explore and discover a world rich with images and objects, often complex in their appearance and profound in their meaning.

The son of the noted Icelandic landscape painter Eyjolfur J. Eyfells (1886–1979) Johann Eyfells has been showing his work at international venues since the 1960s.

The source of his inspiration and the love of his life was his late wife fellow artist and painter Kristin Halldorsdottir, (1917–2002) a glamorous former Icelandic model and dress designer, who he met in California and married in 1949 shortly before coming to Florida for the first time later that year. Together they attended the University of Florida in Gainesville where Johann earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1953 and where he took a Master of Fine Art degree in sculpture in 1964. Kristin earned two degrees, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1962 and he Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting in 1963.

Eyfells began creating his abstract sculptures in the early 1960s based on experiments in chemistry and physics, utilizing the interaction of the various inherent and transformative properties of metals, especially aluminum, iron and copper. His art is non-objective and often conceptual in approach. His use of materials varies between metal, wood, paper, cloth, and latex rubber.

Eyfells' creative drive is to document the interaction between time, space and gravity. His work is based on the concepts of receptualism, a theory he developed to explain the essence of his art. He has received much recognition throughout his career, including an invitation from the government of Iceland to represent his homeland at the 45th Venice Biennale. His work has been featured in the United Nations' exhibition, World Artists at the Millennium and the nine museum traveling exhibition What Nature Provides. [1] [2] [2][3]


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