Johann Ludwig von Hagen

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Johann Ludwig von Hagen (1492–1547) was the Archbishop-Elector of Trier from 1540 to 1547.


Johann Ludwig von Hagen was born in Pfalzel near Trier in 1492, the son of Friedrich von Hagen, Amtmann of the Archbishopric of Trier. He studied in Paris and Cologne and then held various ecclesiastical positions in the Archbishopric of Trier.

On August 9, 1540, the cathedral chapter of the Cathedral of Trier elected Johann Ludwig von Hagen as the new Archbishop of Trier. Pope Paul III confirmed the appointment on December 10, 1540. During his time as archbishop, he attended regularly to his ecclesiastical duties and opposed the Protestant Reformation. During the Schmalkaldic War, large areas of the Archbishopric of Trier were devastated by armies, especially Koblenz and the surrounding area.

Johann Ludwig von Hagen died in Ehrenbreitstein on March 23, 1547. He is buried in the Cathedral of Trier. His tomb was destroyed in 1804.


John Louis of Hagen
Born: 1492 in Pfalzel (a locality of today's Trier) Died: 23 March 1547 on Ehrenbreitstein Fortress
Catholic Church titles
Regnal titles
Preceded by
John III
Archbishop-Elector of Trier
as John IV

Succeeded by
John of Isenburg-Grenzau