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Johannes Pharamond Rhumelius (1597–1661) was a German alchemist and physician, and a contemporary of Jan Baptist van Helmont. He was born in Neumark and died in Nuremberg.

He is chiefly notable for his works on alchemical medicine, Opuscula Chemico-Magico-Medica (Noremburgse, 1635), Medicina Spagyrica Tripartita (1648),[1] the Compendium Hermeticum (1635) and the Compendium fortificatorium (1632).[2]

His Spagyric Medicine also appeared in German translation as Medicina Spagyrica oder spagyrische Artzneykunst (Frankfurt, 1662), and in a French edition: Médecine spagyrique (1648).[3]

He is described as the son of the doctor John Conrad Rhumelius, a Catholic, a "discípulo de Paracelso,"[4] and he also wrote under the pseudonym of "Solomon Raphael."[5]

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