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Johann, Hans or Johannes Virdung of Hassfurt was a celebrated astrologer of the early sixteenth century from the Electoral Palatinate.[1] He had an official position at Heidelberg, at the court of the Elector Palatine. He wrote various works under generic names (Prognosticon, Practica), including a millennarian work, Practica von dem Entchrist around 1510.[2][3][4]

He was a correspondent of Johannes Trithemius. One of the early sources for the Faust legend occurs in a letter of Trithemius to Virdung.[5]

Virdung studied at the University of Leipzig beginning in 1481, then in Cracow from 1484 to 1486 or 1487. He returned to Leipzig in 1487, where he graduated as a "Magister" in 1491.[6] It has been suggested[7] that Virdung was of the school of the astronomer Albertus de Brudzewo, and had studied with him and Johannes de Glogovia[8] in Cracow.


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