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John is a common English name and surname:

John may also refer to:

New Testament



  • John the Baptist (died c. AD 30), regarded as a prophet and the forerunner of Jesus Christ
  • John the Apostle (lived c. AD 30), one of the twelve apostles of Jesus
  • John the Evangelist, assigned author of the Fourth Gospel, once identified with the Apostle
  • John of Patmos, also known as John the Divine or John the Revelator, the author of the Book of Revelation, once identified with the Apostle
  • John the Presbyter, a figure either identified with or distinguished from the Apostle, the Evangelist and John of Patmos

Other people with the given name

Religious figures

Rulers and other political figures

Arts and entertainment

Fictional characters

  • John (Tomorrow People), appearing in the children's science-fiction TV series The Tomorrow People
  • John (John and Gillian), appearing in the Doctor Who TV comic strip
  • John-117, or Master Chief, the protagonist of the video game franchise Halo
  • John Constantine, a fictional character appearing in DC Comics franchise, including Hellblazer



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