John Anderson (bishop of British Columbia)

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John Ogle Anderson (1912–1969[1]) was an Anglican bishop in the mid 20th century.

Anderson was born in Manitoba and educated at St. John's College, Winnipeg.[2] Ordained in 1937, after curacies at St Anne’s, Wandsworth[3] and All Saints’ Winnipeg he was a chaplain during World War II and then rector of St Aidan’s Winnipeg from 1946 to 1949. He was Dean of Rupert's Land (Winnipeg) (1949-1954) and then of Ottawa (1954-1962) [4] before his ordination to the episcopate as Bishop of Red River, a suffragan bishop of Rupert's Land. In 1968 he was translated to British Columbia but died the following year.[5]


Anglican Communion titles
Preceded by
Harold Sexton
Bishop of British Columbia
1968 –1969
Succeeded by
Frederick Gartrell