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Not to be confused with Jon B., an American R&B/soul singer.
John B
John B at EVE Nightclub, Miami Florida. 25 March 2011..JPG
John B at EVE Nightclub, in Miami Florida, on 25 March 2011.
Background information
Birth name John Bryn Williams
Born (1977-07-12) 12 July 1977 (age 39)
Maidenhead, Berkshire, England
Genres Drum and bass, electro house, techno, Italo disco, new wave
Occupation(s) DJ, producer
Years active 1997–present

John B (born John Bryn Williams, 1977, Maidenhead, Berkshire, England) is an English DJ and electronic music producer. He is widely recognised[who?] for his eccentric clothing and wild hair and his production of several cutting edge drum and bass tracks.

John B ranked #76 in DJ Magazine 's 2010 Top 100 DJs annual poll, announced on 27 October 2010.[1]


Williams started producing music around the age of 14,[2] and now is the head of drum and bass record label Beta Recordings, together with its more specialist[3] drum and bass sub-labels Nu Electro,[4] Tangent, and Chihuahua. He also has releases on Formation Records, Metalheadz and Planet Mu.

Williams was ranked 1st drum and bass DJ on the 2009 DJMag's top 100.[5] and #92 on the DJ List as of 3 October 2009.[6]


While his trademark sound has evolved through the years, it generally involves female vocals and trance-like synths (a style which has been dubbed "trance and bass", "trancestep" and "futurestep" by listeners). His most recent concentration is an 1980s electroclash influenced fusion of electro and drum and bass, which was dubbed 'electrostep'. At first (around early 2002), this style seemed odd and comical to some in the drum and bass community.[7] However, this move has given John the ability to carry his style of drum and bass forward. He has dabbled in darkstep, jazzstep and various other styles in his time. When he DJs, he is known to spin both drum and bass and electro house, sometimes with other genres such as disco and rock, in the same sets.


  • Visions (1997)
  • Catalyst (1999)
  • Future Reference (2001)
  • Brainstorm (2002)
  • Mercury Skies (2003)
  • In:transit (2004)
  • American Girls (2004)
  • Electrostep (2006)
  • To Russia With Love (2008) (MixCD)
  • Light Speed (2012)


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