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John Baillie may refer to:

  • John Baillie (fl. 1747), author of An Essay on the Sublime
  • John Baillie (divine)(1741-1806), English divine, became a minister in 1767
  • John Baillie of Leys (1772–1838), Lieutenant-Colonel in the British East India Company, professor of "Arabic and Persian languages and of Mohammedan law", Resident in Lucknow (1807–1815), collector of illustrated manuscripts, British Member of Parliament (MP) 1820–1833 and director of the East India Company (1823–)
  • John Baillie (railway engineer) (1806–1856), born in Newcastle upon Tyne, but worked in Austria and Germany
  • John Baillie (theologian) (1886–1960), Scottish theologian and Church of Scotland minister

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