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John Baird (1795–1858) was born and educated in Graffa, Ireland and was recruited there by the British Army as a teacher.

Baird was given the rank of sergeant in the 74th Foot and by 1818 was stationed in Fredericton, New Brunswick where he would serve his seven years of service teaching the children of the regiment and the poor and black of the area. In 1823 he was released from the army and his family and other disbanded soldiers took up army granted land in the parish of Kent. He farmed and taught school there for a time.

In 1825, Baird became part of Lieutenant Governor George Stracey Smyth's school system which provided education for the poor children of the province. He was one of the pioneer teachers who helped provide an education to the poor at a time when few such opportunities existed. His son, William Teel Baird, became an important figure in New Brunswick history.

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