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John R. Beverley II is a literary and cultural critic who works at the University of Pittsburgh. He is a professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies as well as an adjunct professor in the English and communication departments. He was influential in co-founding the Latin American subaltern studies[1] group as well as a founding member of the Graduate Program in Cultural Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. Among his publications are Against Literature.

PhD, University of California at San Diego.

Visiting professor at Stanford University, University of California–San Diego, Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar, University of Minnesota, University of Washington.


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List of works[edit]

  • (ed.) From Cuba (2002)
  • (ed.) La voz del otro: Testimonio, subalternidad y verdad narrativa (new edition; 2002)
  • Subalternity and Representation, Arguments in Cultural Theory (1999)
  • Una modernidad obsoleta: estudios sobre el barroco (1998)
  • Against Literature (1993)
  • "Aspects of Gongora's 'Soledades'" (1980)
  • "Del Lazarillo al Sandinismo" (1987)
  • "Literature and Politics in the Central American Revolutions" (1990)