List of mayors of Muncie, Indiana

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This is a list of mayors of Muncie, Indiana.[1]


Term Mayor Party
1865-1867 John Brady Republican
1867-1869 Job Swain Republican
1869-1877 Marcus C. Smith Republican
1877-1879 William F. Jones Republican
1879-1881 Charles W. Kilgore Democratic
1881-1883 William F. Jones Republican
1883-1891 Frank Ellis Republican
1891-1895 Arthur W. Brady Democratic
1895-1899 George W. Cromer Republican
1899-1902 Edward Tuhey Democratic
1902-1906 Charles W. Sherritt Republican
1906-1910 Leonidas Guthrie Republican
1910-1914 Edward Tuhey Democratic
1914-1919 Rollin H. Bunch Democratic
1919-1922 John Kelly Democratic
1922-1926 John C. Quick Republican
1926-1930 John C. Hampton Republican
1930-1935 George R. Dale Democratic
1935-1939 Rollin H. Bunch Democratic
1939-1943 Ira J. Wilson Republican
1943-1948 John C. Hampton Republican
1948-1952 Lester E. Holloway Democratic
1952-1956 Joseph R. Barclay Republican
1956-1964 H. Arthur Tuhey Democratic
1964-1968 John V. Hampton Republican
1968-1976 Paul J. Cooley Democratic
1976-1980 Robert G. Cunningham Democratic
1980-1984 Alan K. Wilson Republican
1984-1992 James P. Carey Democratic
1992-1996 David M. Dominick Republican
1996-2008 Daniel Canan Republican
2008-2012 Sharon McShurley Republican
2012-present Dennis Tyler Democratic