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John F Cazabon (3 August 1914 – 1983) was an actor born in Hertford, England.


Cazabon's parents were Albert Cazabon (1883–1970), a noted violinist and composer, who from 1927 to 1936 served as musical director of the Prince Edward Theatre orchestra,[1] and Gladys, née Curtin, a professional actress born in Australia, who became active again with Pickwick Theatre Group around 1934, along with John Cazabon's older sister Norah (often spelled Nora).[2] He also had a younger brother Robert Brendan (born c. 1919), who was killed in action in 1941.[3]

John and his sister Norah were members of Doris Fitton's Independent Theatre in 1935 before joining Beryl Bryant's group.


  • Good Catch (musical) with George S. English[4]
  • Stranger Walk In (comedy in three acts) at Bryant's Playhouse

As stage actor[edit]

  • Snappy Sydney 1933 revue[5]
  • The Corn Is Green at Minerva Theatre


Screen career[edit]


  • Macquarie Award 1948 for part in radio play Sleeping Clergyman[8]
  • Macquarie Award 1950 for part in comedy


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