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John Collier is the name of:

Artists, writers and musicians[edit]

  • John Collier (caricaturist) (1708–1786), English satirical poet and illustrator; best known under the pseudonym Timothy or Tim Bobbin
  • John Payne Collier (1789–1883), English literary critic known for Shakespearian studies and sensational forgeries
  • John Collier (painter) (1850–1934), English painter in Pre-Raphaelite style; one of the most prominent artists of his time; also a writer
  • John Collier (fiction writer) (1901–1980), English author and screenplay writer best known for his short stories (Fancies and Goodnights, 1951)
  • John Collier (sculptor) (born 1948), American artist best known as the chief sculptor for the Catholic Memorial at Ground Zero

Public officials[edit]

  • John Collier (MP) (born 1769), Member of Parliament (MP) for Plymouth 1832–41
  • John A. Collier (1787–1873), American political figure; Anti-Mason from Troy, New York; 21st congressional district (1831–1833)
  • John Collier (judge) (1815–1892), American jurist; member of Georgia Superior Court; considered one of the founding fathers of Atlanta
  • John Collier (sociologist) (1884–1968), American anthropologist; advocate for Native Americans; Commissioner of Indian Affairs (1933–1945)

Sports personalities[edit]


  • John Howell Collier (1898–1980), American Army Lieutenant General
  • John W. Collier (1929–1950), American Army corporal posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism during the Korean War
  • John G. Collier (1935–1995), British engineering expert in fluid mechanics (2-phase flow); first chairman of Nuclear Electric (1990)
  • John Collier Jr. (1913–1992), American photographer and anthropologist, son of John Collier, the Commissioner of Indian Affairs


See also[edit]

  • Jonathan Collier, American TV writer primarily known for humorous material (The Simpsons, Monk, King of the Hill, David Letterman)
  • Collier