John Conyers, 3rd Baron Conyers

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John Conyers, 3rd Baron Conyers (c. 1524 – 13 June 1557) was a British aristocrat, and the son of Christopher Conyers, 2nd Baron Conyers.

Personal life[edit]

Conyers was born circa 1524. He married Lady Maud Clifford, daughter of the Earl of Cumberland and had four daughters of whom three were his co-heiresses. Elizabeth married Thomas Darcy.[1] Katherine married John Atherton. Anne married Anthony Kempe, of Slindon, Sussex.[2] Margaret died unmarried.[3]

He was knighted in 1544. He was made Warden of the West Marches and Governor of Carlisle under King Edward VI and Warden of the East Marches and Governor of Berwick under Queen Mary I. [4]


Conyers inherited the title of Baron Conyers upon his father's death in 1538. His wife thus became Lady Conyers.[5] However, since Lord Conyers did not produce a male heir, the title Baron Conyers fell into abeyance upon his death in 1557. It was brought out of abeyance by his grandson, Conyers Darcy, some time between 1641 and 1644.

This grandson is the son of his daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband, Thomas Darcy.


Peerage of England
Preceded by
Christopher Conyers
Baron Conyers
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