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John Crewes (15 July 1847 – 29 December 1925) was a New Zealand bible Christian minister, social worker and journalist. He was born in Grampound, Cornwall, England on 15 July 1847.[1]

Crewes unsuccessfully contested the 1884 election in the Christchurch North electorate against Julius Vogel.[1] At the 1887 election, Crewes contested the Sydenham electorate against Richard Molesworth Taylor.[2] They received 392 and 766 votes respectively, so Taylor entered the 10th New Zealand Parliament.[3]

In 1890, Crewes went to live in Wellington and settled in Newtown. In the 1902 election, Crewes made a last attempt to enter Parliament. He contested the Newtown electorate, but withdrew his nomination before polling day.[1] He died in Wellington on 29 December 1925.[1]


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