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John Bruce Dods (born December 1948 in Plainfield, New Jersey) is a filmmaker, make-up artist and specialist in prosthetic make-up effects for movies and the stage. He may be best known for designing and creating the facial appliances for the stage productions of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.[1]

Dods’ early work as an amateur filmmaker involved the construction of miniature models and sets for elaborate stop-motion animation projects. His creation of latex-covered animation models led him toward the crafts of sculpting, mechanics and mold-making, which in turn led toward a budding career as a mask- and monster-maker (as displayed in the independent 1980s horror films Nightbeast, Return of the Aliens: The Deadly Spawn, Spookies, and My Demon Lover).

Following his studies under Academy Award-winning make-up artist Dick Smith,[2] Dods was employed as make-up artist, mold-maker and mechanical effects designer in mainstream feature films, including Poltergeist III, Ghostbusters II, Death Becomes Her, Longtime Companion, A Kiss Before Dying, The Santa Clause, Alien: Resurrection and The X-Files.

Dods also was effects supervisor on 18 episodes of the syndicated television series Monsters, and worked as a set construction supervisor on the Back to the Future theme park ride at Universal Studios Florida.

Dods created the prosthetic make-up for the creature, played by Shuler Hensley, in Mel Brooks musical stage adaptation of Young Frankenstein, which debuted on Broadway in November 2007.[3]


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