John E. Amoore

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John Earnest Amoore
Born 28 April 1930
Died 1998
Alma mater Oxford University (B.Sc., 1952) (Ph.D., 1958)
Known for Stereochemical theory for olfaction
Scientific career
Fields Biochemistry
Institutions Western Regional Research Labs[1] (1963–1978)
Olfacto-Labs[1] (1978–1998)

John E. Amoore (1930-1998) was a British biochemist who first proposed the stereochemical theory for olfaction.[2]


  • Molecular Basis of Odor John E. Amoore, Published 1970, Thomas ISBN 0-398-00039-5
  • How Smells Shape Up John E. Amoore, Published 1977, American Chemical Society


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