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John Gillan
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Reference style The Right Reverend
Spoken style My Lord or Bishop

John Gillan (c.1667–1735) was a Scottish Episcopal clergyman and author who served as the Bishop of Dunblane from 1731 to 1735.

He was born circa 1667, the son of John Gillan.[1] After his education at Marischal College, Aberdeen, he worked as a bookseller.[1] He married Isabel Wingate, daughter of the Reverend John Wingate, Incumbent of Denny, and Margaret Marschall.[1] He published Vindication of the Fundamental Character of Presbytery (1713), Life of Bishop Sage (1714), and is reputed to be the author of Carnwath's Memoirs.[1][2]

He was ordained in the Scottish Episcopal Church, and not long afterwards consecrated at Edinburgh a college bishop on 22 June 1727 by bishops Freebairn, Duncan, Rose and Ochterlony.[1][3] Gillan was the Incumbent of Old Saint Paul's, Edinburgh (1727–35) and elected Bishop of the Diocese of Dunblane in December 1731.[1]

He died in office on 3 January 1735, aged about 68.[1][3]


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