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John Gorman (born 4 January 1936 in Birkenhead, Cheshire), is an English comedian, vocalist and comedy musician.

The Scaffold[edit]

After grammar school, Gorman worked as a Telecommunications Engineer. He was the founder of the comedy music group The Scaffold,[1] best known for their 1967 hit single Lily the Pink, and its successor the band Grimms – the 'G' in Gorman providing the 'G' in Grimms.[2][3][4][5] He also made a comedy musical album for DJM Records, Go Man Gorman.[6]

During the 1970s he made brief film appearances in Frankie Howerd's medieval set farce Up the Chastity Belt (1971),[7] Melody (1971), Terry Gilliam's Jabberwocky (1977), where he is credited as 'second peasant',[8] and The Music Machine (1979) as a newsagent.


He also made regular appearances on the British children's television show Tiswas between 1978 and 1981, and was one of the Four Bucketeers, a novelty band whose highest-charting single was "Bucket of Water Song", which reached No. 26 in the UK Singles Chart in 1980. After Tiswas, he worked with Chris Tarrant on its adult-orientated successor O.T.T.. He then moved to Tyne Tees, first on the children's game show How Dare You! and later on another children's show, Razzmatazz.[9]

After a period living in France, he returned as Artistic Director for the Theatre on the Steps in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England.[citation needed] He appeared on the Tiswas Reunited show on ITV1 on 16 June 2007.[citation needed] Also in 2007 he announced plans to establish a Wirral Academy of the Arts at Birkenhead Park.[citation needed]

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