John Hartford discography

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John Hartford discography
Studio albums 35
Live albums 3
Compilation albums 8
Singles 3


Studio albums[edit]

Year Album US Label
1967 Looks at Life RCA
Earthwords & Music
1968 The Love Album
Housing Project
Gentle On My Mind & Other Originals
1969 John Hartford 137
1970 Iron Mountain Depot
1971 Aereo-Plain 193 Warner Bros.
1972 Morning Bugle
1976 Nobody Knows What You Do Flying Fish
Mark Twang
1977 All in the Name of Love
1978 Headin' Down Into the Mystery Below
1979 Slumberin' on the Cumberland
1981 You and Me at Home
1984 Gum Tree Canoe
1986 Annual Waltz Rounder
1989 Down on the River Flying Fish
1991 Cadillac Rag Small Dog A-Barkin'
1992 Goin' Back to Dixie
1994 The Walls We Bounce Off Of
1996 No End of Love
Wild Hog in the Red Brush Rounder
1998 The Speed of the Old Long Bow
2002 Steam Powered Aereo-Takes


Year Album Label
1977 Glitter Grass from the Nashwood Hollyville Strings (with Doug and Rodney Dillard) Flying Fish
1981 Permanent Wave (with Doug and Rodney Dillard) Rounder
1984 Vassar Clements, John Hartford, Dave Holland(with Vassar Clements and Dave Holland) Flying Fish
1991 Hartford & Hartford (with Jamie Hartford)
1995 The Fun of Open Discussion (with Bob Carlin) Rounder
1996 Playtime Songs Children's Book-of-the-Month Club
1998 The Bullies Have All Gone to Rest (credited to Jim Wood and John Hartford) Whipporwill
1999 Retrograss (with David Grisman and Mike Seeger) Acoustic Disc
Good Old Boys (with the Hartford String Band) Rounder
2001 Hamilton Ironworks (with the Hartford String Band)

Live albums[edit]

Year Album Label
1994 Old Sport Small Dog A-Barkin'
1995 Live at College Station Pennsylvania
2000 Live from Mountain Stage Blue Plate Records

Compilation albums[edit]

Year Album Label
1982 Me Oh My, How the Time Does Fly: A John Hartford Anthology Flying Fish
1987 A John Hartford Collection
2001 RCA Country Legends: John Hartford Buddha
2002 Natural to Be Gone 1967–1970 Raven Records
John Hartford/Iron Mountain Depot/Radio John Camden Deluxe
Looks at Life/Earthwords & Music
2004 Love Album/Housing Project
2009 Good'le Days: Essential Recordings Rounder

Other appearances[edit]

Year Album Label
1975 Topanga's Woody Guthrie Folk Festival One Rounder
1976 Mark O'Connor: Pickin' in the Wind Sky Records
1980 The Great Hudson River Revival, playing Steamboat Whistle Blues Flying Fish


Year Single Chart Positions Album
US Country CAN Country CAN AC
1967 "Gentle on My Mind" 60 Gentle On My Mind & Other Originals
1969 "Natural to Be Gone" 26 14 Iron Mountain Depot
1984 "Piece of My Heart" 81 Gum Tree Canoe