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John Haswell
(Döbling Cemetery)

John Haswell (20 March 1812 – 8 June 1897) was an engineer and locomotive designer.

He was born on 20 March 1812 in Lancefield, Glasgow, Scotland, studied at Anderson's University in Glasgow and worked for 22 years in the shipbuilding office of William Fairbairn & Co.

In 1837 at the prompting of Matthias Schönerer, who was also heavily involved in the BudweisLinzGmunden wagonway, he drew up plans for the repair shop of the Wien-Raaber railway (later Lokomotivfabrik der StEG), and in 1839 became entrusted with carrying them out, along with the mechanical engineer Kraft. When the workshop had been built, the first of its kind in Austria,[1] he took over its management and oversaw, not just repair work, but also the construction of new rolling stock for the railway.

Inter alia he was responsible for:

In 1882 Haswell resigned from his position. He died on 8 June 1897 in Vienna and rests in a grave dedicated to his honour at the Döbling Cemetery (Group 10, number 1) in Vienna.

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