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John Hull may refer to:


Theologians and educators[edit]

  • John C. Hull (born 1946), professor of derivatives and risk management at the University of Toronto
  • John M. Hull (1935–2015), professor of religious education at the University of Birmingham
  • John H. E. Hull (1923–1977), theologian, Mansfield College, Oxford c.1967–1971


  • John Hull (merchant) (1624–1683), leading merchant and mintmaster of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
  • John A. Hull (1874–1944), Judge Advocate General (1924–1928) and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines (1932–1936)
  • John E. Hull (1895–1975), United States Army general
  • John Hull (physician) (1761–1843), physician and obstetrician

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