John I, Burgrave of Nuremberg

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John I, Burgrave of Nuremberg
Born c. 1279
Died 1300
Noble family House of Hohenzollern
Spouse(s) Agnes of Hesse
Father Frederick III, Burgrave of Nuremberg
Mother Helen of Saxony

John I, Burgrave of Nuremberg (c. 1279 – 1300) was a member of the House of Hohenzollern and was Burgrave of Nuremberg from 1297 until his death. He was the son of Burgrave Frederick III of Nuremberg and his second wife, Helen of Saxony (d. 1309).

John I married in 1297 with Agnes of Hesse (d. 1335). He ruled the Burgraviate of Nuremberg jointly with his younger brother Frederick IV. After John I died childless in 1300, Frederick IV ruled alone.


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John I, Burgrave of Nuremberg
Born: c. 1279 Died: 1300
Preceded by
Frederick III
Burgrave of Nuremberg
Succeeded by
Frederick IV