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Henry John Franklin Jones known as John Jones (born May 6, 1924) is an English academic[1] having served as professor at Merton College, Oxford, and elected as Oxford University‍ '​s 38th Professor of Poetry (1978-1983). Jones has written books on diverse literary topics including Greek tragedy, Wordsworth, Shakespeare, and penned a novel, The Same God (1972) that are described as "idiosyncratic" by literary historian and prolific critic Frank Kermode (1920-2010).[2]


  • 1954: The Egotistical Sublime: A History of Wordsworth's Imagination
  • 1962: On Aristotle and Greek Tragedy
  • 1962: Heathcote William Garrod 1878-1960
  • 1963: H. W. Garrod's The Study of Good Letters (as editor)
  • 1969: John Keats's Dream of Truth
  • 1972: The Same God (novel)
  • 1983: Dostoevsky
  • 1995: Shakespeare at Work
  • 1999: Fyodor Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment


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