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John Lockley
John Lockley 5.jpg
Born 1971 (age 45–46)
Cape Town, South Africa
Nationality South African
Occupation Sangoma
Years active 2007–present

John Keith Kelly Lockley (born 1971) is a white South African who is initiated as an igqirha, a traditional healer or sangoma of the Xhosa people.[1][2][3]

Training as a sangoma[edit]

Lockley was born in Cape Town in 1971 during apartheid to an Irish mother and a Zimbabwean father with British ancestry.[1][4][5][6]

He completed an honours degree in clinical psychology at Rhodes University in 1997.[2][7]

In 1997 in post-apartheid South Africa he met Xhosa sangoma Mum Gwevu in the Joza township in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. Mum Gwevu says she had foreseen his arrival in a dream. He was trained as a sangoma in the Eastern Cape townships, serving a 10-year apprenticeship with Mum Gwevu which he completed in 2007. Mum Gwevu gave him the Xhosa name Ucingolwendaba, which means "messenger".[2][3][5][7]

He also practices and teaches yoga and Zen Buddhism.[5]


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