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The John Lyman Book Awards are given annually by the North American Society for Oceanic History to recognise excellence in published books making a major contribution to the study and understanding of maritime and naval history. They are named after Professor John Lyman of the University of North Carolina.

The awards are presented in six categories:

  • Canadian naval and maritime history
  • U.S. naval history
  • U.S. maritime history
  • History of maritime science and technology
  • Maritime biography and autobiography.
  • Maritime reference works and published primary sources,
Canadian Naval and Maritime History
Year of Publication Author Book
2016 Joel Zemel Scapegoat, The Extraordinary Legal Proceedings Following the 1917 Halifax Explosion (New World Publishing}
2015 Glen M. Stein Discovering the North-West Passage: The Four-Year Arctic Odyssey of H.M.S. Investigator and the McClure Expedition (McFarland & Company}
2014 John English Ice and Water: Politics, Peoples, and the Arctic Council (Allen Lane}
2012 Nicholas Tracy A Two-Edged Sword: The Navy As an Instrument of Canadian Foreign Policy (Carleton Library)
2011 James S. Pritchard A Bridge of Ships: Canadian Shipbuilding During the Second World War
2009 Aaron Plamondon The Politics of Procurement: Military Acquisitions in Canada and the Sea King Helicopter
2008 Robert Malcomson Capital in Flames: The American Attack on York, 1813. (Montreal: Robin Brass Studio; Annapolis, Mary.: Naval Institute Press)
2008 Honorable mention Freeman M. Tovell At the Far Reaches of Empire: The Life of Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra. (Vancouver: University British Columbia Press)
2007 Barry Gough Fortune's River: The Collision of Empires in Northwest America (Madeira Park, BC: Harbour Publishing Co., Ltd.)
2006 Jennifer M. Hubbard A Science on the Scales: The Rise of Canadian Atlantic Fisheries Biology, 1898-1939 (University of Toronto Press)
2006 Honorable mention Barry Gough Through Water, Ice and Fire: Schooner Nancy of the War of 1812 (Dundurn Press)
2005 Stuart E. Jenness The Making of an Explorer: George Hubert Wilkins and the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-1916. (McGill-Queen's University)
2005 Honorable mention Jonathan R. Dull The French Navy and the Seven Years' War (University of Nebraska Press)
2004 Peter E. Pope Fish into Wine: The Newfoundland Plantation in the Seventeenth Century (University of North Carolina Press)
2004 Honorable mention Fraser M. McKee "Sink all the shipping there": The Wartime Loss of Canada's Merchant Ships and Fishing Schooners (Vanwell Publishing)
2003 Julian Gywn Frigates and Foremasts: The North American Squadron in Nova Scotia Waters, 1745-1815 (University of British Columbia)
2002 John Griffith Armstrong The Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian Navy (University of British Columbia Press)
2001 Robert Malcomson Warships of the Great Lakes, 1754-1834 (UK: Chatham Publishing/US: Naval Institute Press)
2000 Arnold Hague Allied Convoy System, 1939-1945 (Vanwell Publishing Ltd. In Canada; Chatham Publishing in Great Britain; Naval Institute Press in the U.S.)
1999 James P. Delgado Across the Top of the World: The Quest for the Northwest Passage (Checkmark Books)
1998 Robert Malcomson Lords of the Lake: The Naval War on Lake Ontario, 1812-1814 (Robin Brass Studio)
1997 Peter E. Pope The Many Landfalls of John Cabot (University of Toronto Press)
1996 Edited by
Michael L. Hadley,
Rob Huebert,
Fred W. Crickard
A Nation's Navy: In Quest of Canadian Naval Identity (McGill Queen's University Press)
1995 James Pritchard Anatomy of a Naval Disaster: The 1746 French Expedition to North America. (McGill-Queen's University Press)
U.S. Naval History
Year Author Book
2014 Thomas Wildenberg Billy Mitchell's War with the Navy: The Interwar Rivalry Over Air Power (Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 2014).
2014 Honorable mention Matthew Taylor Raffety The Republic Afloat: Law, Honor, and Citizenship in Maritime America (University of Chicago Press)
2012 David Rigby Allied Master Strategists: The Combined Chiefs of Staff in World War II. (Naval Institute Press)
2012 Honorable mention Robert Shenk America's Black Sea Fleet: The U.S. Navy Amidst War and Revolution, 1919-1923. (Naval Institute Press)
2010 Albert A. Nofi To Train The Fleet For War: The U.S. Navy Fleet Problems, 1923-1940
2009 William R. Braisted Diplomats in Blue: U.S. Naval Officers in China, 1922-1933 (New Perspectives on Maritime History and Nautical Archaeology)
2008 Craig L. Symonds Lincoln and His Admirals. (New York: Oxford University Press)
2008 Honorable mention Howard J. Fuller Clad in Iron: The American Civil War and the Challenge of British Naval Power. (Westport, Conn.: Praeger Security International)
2008 Honorable mention John T. Kuehn Agents of Innovation: The General Board and the Design of the Fleet that Defeated the Japanese. (Annapolis, Mary.: Naval Institute Press)
2007 Lisle A. Rose Power at Sea: vol. 1. The Age of Navalism, 1890-1918; vol. 2. The Breaking Storm, 1919-1945; vol. 3. A Violent Peace, 1946-2006 (Columbia: University of Missouri Press)
2006 William N. Still, Jr. Crisis at Sea: The U.S. Navy in European Waters in World War I (University Press of Florida)
2006 Honorable mention James D. Hornfischer Ship of Ghosts: The Story of the USS Houston, FDR's Legendary Lost Cruiser, and the Epic Saga of Her Survivors (Bantam Books)
2005 Jonathan Parshall
Anthony Tully
Shattered Sword: The Untold Story of the Battle of Midway. (Potomac)
2005 Honorable mention Craig L. Symonds Decision at Sea: Five Naval Battles that Shaped American History (Oxford University Press)
2004 Michael J. Bennett Union Jacks: Yankee Sailors in the Civil War (University of North Carolina Press)
2004 Honorable mention R. Blake Dunnavent Brown Water Warfare: The U.S. Navy in Riverine Warfare and the Emergence of Tactical Doctrine, 1775-1970. (University Press of Florida)
2004 Honorable mention John Darrell Sherwood Afterburner: Naval Aviation and the Vietnam War (New York University Press)
2003 Jack Friend West Wind, Flood Tide: The Battle of Mobile Bay (Naval Institute Press)
2002 Mitchell B. Lerner The Pueblo Incident: A Spy Ship and the Failure of American Foreign Policy (University Press of Kansas)
2001 Kathleen Broome Williams Improbable Warriors: Women Scientists and the U.S. Navy in World War II (Naval Institute Press)
2000 William Henry Flayhart III The American Line, 1871-1902 (W.W. Norton & Co.)
1998 Jack Sweetman, ed. Great American Naval Battles (Naval Institute Press)
1997 David Curtis Skaggs
Gerard T. Altoff
A Signal Victory: The Lake Erie Campaign, 1812-1813 (Naval Institute Press)
1996 Malcolm Muir Black Shoes and Blue Water: Surface Warfare in the United States Navy. 1945 1975 (Naval Historical Center)
1995 Jeffery G. Barlow Revolt of the Admirals: The Fight for Naval Aviation, 1945-1950 (Naval Historical Center)
1995 Charles Dana Gibson
E. Kay Gibson
Assault and Logistics: Union Army Coastal and River Operations, 1861 1866 and Dictionary of Transports and Combatant Vessels Steam and Sail Employed by the Union Army, 1861 1868 (Ensign Press)
U.S. Maritime History
Year Author Book
2014 David Igler The Great Ocean: Pacific Worlds from Captain Cook to the Gold Rush (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013).
2014 Honorable mention Jennifer Schell A Bold and Hardy Race of Men”: The Lives and Literature of American Whalemen (University of Massachusetts Press)
2014 Honorable mention Denver Brunsman The Evil Necessity: British Naval Impressment in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic {University of Virginia Press)
2012 W. Jeffrey Bolster The Mortal Sea: Fishing the Atlantic in the Age of Sail
2011 William Michael Morgan Pacific Gibraltar: U.S.-Japanese Rivalry over the Annexation of Hawai'i, 1885-1898 (ADST-DACOR Diplomats and Diplomacy)
2010 William S. Dudley Maritime Maryland: A History
2009 John R. Bockstoce Furs and Frontiers in the Far North: The Contest among Native and Foreign Nations for the Bering Strait Fur Trade
2008 William E. Lass Navigating the Missouri: Steamboating on Nature's Highway, 1819-1935. (Norman, Okla.: Arthur H. Clark Co.)
2008 Frances F. Dunwell The Hudson: America's River. (New York: Columbia University Press)
2007 Eric Jay Dolin Leviathan: The History of Whaling in America (New York: W.W. Norton and Company)
2007 Donald G. Shomette Shipwrecks, Sea Raiders, and Maritime Disasters along the Delmarva Coast, 1632-2004 (Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press)
2006 Joshua M. Smith Borderland Smuggling: Patriots, Loyalists, and Illicit Trade in the Northeast, 1783-1820 (University Press of Florida)
2006 Honorable mention Eric Robert Taylor If We Must Die: Shipboard Insurrections in the Era of the Atlantic Slave Trade (Louisiana State University Press)
2005 Peter L. Bernstein Wedding of the Waters: The Erie Canal and the Making of a Great Nation, (W. W. Norton & Co.)
2005 Honorable mention Edwin L. Dunbaugh New England Steamship Company: Long Island Sound Night Boats in the Twentieth Century (University Press of Florida)
2004 Paul A. Gilje Liberty on the Waterfront: American Maritime Culture in the Age of Revolution. (University of Pennsylvania Press)
2004 Honorable mention James A. McMillan The Final Victims: Foreign Slave Trade to North America, 1783-1810 (University of South Carolina Press)
2003 ALex R. Larzelere The Coast Guard in World War I: An Untold Story (Naval Institute Press)
2002 Wade G. Dudley Splintering the Wooden Wall (Naval Institute Press)
2001 Nicholas Dean Snow Squall: The Last American Clipper Ship (Tilbury House, Publishers and Maine Maritime Museum)
2000 Lisa Norling Captain Ahab Had a Wife: New England Women and the Whalefishery, 1720-1870 (University of North Carolina Press)
2000 Honorable mention Ralph Linwood Snow
Douglas K. Lee
A Shipyard in Maine: Percy & Small and the Great Schooners (Tilbury House, Publishers and Maine Maritime Museum)
1999 Charles R. Schultz Forty-Niners 'Round the Horn (University of South Carolina Press)
1999 Honorable mention Alexander Boyd Hawes Off Soundings: Aspects of the Maritime History of Rhode Island (Posterity Press)
1998 Benjamin W. Labaree, William M. Fowler, Jr., John Hattendorf, Jeffrey J. Safford, Edward W. Sloan, and Andrew German America and the Sea: A Maritime History (Mystic Seaport Museum)
1997 W. Jeffrey Bolster Black Jacks: African American Seamen in the Age of Sail (Harvard University Press)
1996 Wayne M. O'Leary Maine Sea Fisheries: The Rise and Fall of a Native Industry, 1830 1890 (Northeastern University Press)
1995 William C. Fleetwood, Jr. Tidecraft: The Boats of South Carolina, Georgia, and Northeastern Florida, 1550 1950 (WBG Marine Press)
Maritime Biography and Autobiography
Year Author Book
2014 Honorable mention Geoffrey L. Rossano, ed., Hero of the Angry Sky: The World War I Diary and Letters of David S. Ingalls, America's First Naval Ace (Athens: Ohio University Press, 2013).
2011 Elliot Carlson Joe Rochefort's War: The Odyssey of the Codebreaker Who Outwitted Yamamoto at Midway
2008 David Hackett Fischer Champlain's Dream: The Visionary Adventurer Who Made a New World in Canada. (New York: Simon and Schuster)
2007 Stephen Fox Wolf of the Deep: Raphael Semmes and the Notorious Confederate Raider CSS Alabama (New York: Alfred Knopf)
2006 Mary Malloy Devil on the Deep Blue Sea: The Notorious Career of Captain Samuel Hill of Boston (Bullbrier Press)
2006 David Curtis Skaggs Oliver Hazard Perry: Honor, Courage, and Patriotism in the Early U.S. Navy (Naval Institute Press)
2006 Honorable mention John H. Schroeder Commodore John Rodgers: Paragon of the Early American Navy (University Press of Florida)
2005 Clark G. Reynolds On the Warpath in the Pacific: Admiral Jocko Clark and the Fast Carriers, (Naval Institute Press)
2004 Kathleen Broome Williams Grace Hopper: Admiral of the Cyber Sea (Naval Institute Press)
2003 Thomas Wildenberg All the Factors of Victory: Admiral Joseph Mason Reeves and the Origins of Carrier Airpower (Brassey's)
2001 John H. Schroeder Matthew Calbraith Perry: Antebellum Sailor and Diplomat (Naval Institute Press)
2000 Spencer Tucker Andrew Foote: Civil War Admiral on Western Waters (Naval Institute Press)
1999 Craig Symonds Confederate Admiral: The Life and Wars of Franklin Buchanan (Naval Institute Press)
1998 W. Gillies Ross This Distant and Unsurveyed Country: A Woman's Winter at Baffin Island, 1857-58 (McGill-Queen's University Press)
1997 Catherine Petroski A Bride's Passage: Susan Hathorn's Year Under Sail (Northeastern University Press)
1996 Robert Schneller A Quest for Glory: A Biography of Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren (Naval Institute Press)
Maritime Science and Technology
Year Author Book
2014 Kurkpatrick Dorsey Whales and Nations: Environmental Dipolomacy on the High Seas (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2013)
2014 Honorable mention Geoffrey L. Rossano (editor) Hero of the Angry Sky: The World War I Diary and Letters of David S. Ingalls, America’s First Naval Ace (Ohio University Press)
2014 Honorable mention John A. Wolter, David A Ranzan, & John J. McDonough (editors) With Commodore Perry to Japan: The Journal of William Speiden Jr., 1852-1855 (Naval Institute Press)
2012 Lissa K. Wadewitz The Nature of Borders: Salmon, Boundaries, and Bandits on the Salish Sea
2011 Stephen J. Hornsby Surveyors of Empire: Samuel Holland, J.F.W. Des Barres, and the Making of the Atlantic Neptune (Carleton Library)
2010 Susan Casey The Wave: In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks, and Giants of the Ocean
2009 Eric Mills The Fluid Envelope of our Planet: How the Study of Ocean Currents Became a Science
2008 Gary Kroll America's Ocean Wilderness: A Cultural History of Twentieth-Century Exploration. (Lawrence: University Press of Kansas)
2008 Honorable mention Russell A. Potter Arctic Spectacles: The Frozen North in Visual Culture, 1818-1875. (Seattle: University of Washington Press)
2007 Larrie D. Ferreiro Ships and Science: The Birth of Naval Architecture in the Scientific Revolution, 1600-1800 (Cambridge, Mass: The MIT Press)
2006 Anthony Newpower Iron Men and Tin Fish: Race to Build a Better Torpedo during World War II (Praeger)
2004 Honorable mention Marc Levinson The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger (Princeton University Press)
2005 Helen M Rozwadowski Fathoming the Ocean: The Discovery and Exploration of the Deep Sea, (Belknap/Harvard University Press)
2002 Steven J. Dick Sky and Ocean Joined: The U.S. Naval Observatory, 1830-2000 (Cambridge University Press)
2002 William H. Roberts Civil War Ironclads (Johns Hopkins University Press)
2001 Gary E. Weir An Ocean in Common: American Naval Officers, Scientists, and the Ocean Environment (Texas A&M University Press)
1997 Thomas R. Heinrich Ships for the Seven Seas: Philadelphia Shipbuilding in the Age of Industrial Capitalism (Johns Hopkins University Press)
1995 Harold D. Langley History of Medicine in the Early U.S. Navy (Johns Hopkins University Press)
Primary Source Materials, Reference Works, and Guide Books
Year Author Book
2014 Honorable mention John A. Wolter, David A. Ranzan, and John J. McDonough, eds., With Commodore Perry to Japan: The Journal of William Speiden Jr., 1852-1855 (Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 2013)
2012 Jonathan Kinghorn The Atlantic Transport Line, 1881-1931: A History With Details on All Ships
2011 Gordon Miller Voyages: To the New World and Beyond
2009 Yonah Alexander Terror on the High Seas: From Piracy to Strategic Challenge
2008 George J. Billy,
Christine M. Billy
Merchant Mariners at War: An Oral History of World War II. (Gainesville: University Press of Florida)
2008 Honorable mention Robert Eric Barde Immigration at the Golden Gate: Passenger Ships, Exclusion, and Angel Island. (Westport, Conn.: Praeger)
2007 John B. Hattendorf,
Editor in Chief
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Maritime History (New York: Oxford University Press)
2007 Honorable mention Deidre Simmons Keepers of the Record: The History of the Hudson's Bay Company Archives (Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press)
2006 Ralph Sessions The Shipcarvers' Art: Figureheads and Cigar-Store Indians in Nineteenth-Century America (Princeton University Press)
2006 Honorable mention C. Danial Elliott,
Everett C. Wilkie, Jr.,
Richard Ring
Maritime History: A Hand-list of the Collection in the John Carter Brown Library (1474 to ca.1860) (The John Carter Brown Library)
2004 W.H. Bunting Sea Struck (Martha's Vineyard Historical Society)
2003 C. Herbert Gilliland Voyage to a Thousand Cares: Master's Mate Lawrence with the African Squadron, 1844-1846 (Naval Institute Press)
2002 Michael J. Crawford,
The Naval War of 1812: A Documentary History, vol. 3 (Naval Historical Center)
2000 David Freeman Canadian Warship Names (Vanwell Publishing Ltd.)
1999 Robert J. Cressman The Official Chronology of the U.S. Navy in World War II (Naval Institute Press)
1998 Robert Randolph Carter
Harold B. Gill, Jr.
Joanne Young
Searching for the Franklin Expedition: The Arctic Journal of Robert Randolph Carter, (Naval Institute Press)
1997 Briton C. Busch
Barry M. Gough,
Fur Traders from New England: The Boston Men in the North Pacific, 1787-1800 (The Arthur H. Clark Company)
1996 Michael J. Crawford,
The Naval Documents of the American Revolution, vol. 10 (Naval Historical Center)
1995 Craig L. Symonds The Naval Institute's Historical Atlas of U.S. Navy (Naval Institute Press)

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