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John Malloy / FLuX

John Malloy AKA FLuX (born September 19, 1975) is an American fine artist, illustrator, designer, and sequential artist. His illustrations and designs have appeared in advertising, packaging, magazines, cd covers, apparel, on the web, and in posters, with clients ranging from Peace Tea to Diesel to Business Week. His fine art employs a variety of media, including pen & ink, oil & acrylic paint, and digital.

Early life[edit]

Malloy was born and raised in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania, and began drawing cartoons and rock stars at age 6. His father, a cemetery-caretaker, and mother, a coal-miner’s daughter, encouraged him to pursue his talents. Later, he earned a strong background in trompe l'oeil oil painting, and since has been self-taught in painting, pen & ink, design, and sequential art. He did not become interested in comics or graphic novels until he was 19.

Illustration, fine art, and sequential art[edit]

Born in rural northern Pennsylvania to a cemetery caretaker and a coal-miner's daughter, Los Angeles based John Malloy, AKA FLuX, began drawing at very young age. He later earned a background in old masters painting and graphic design, and has since been self-taught in fine art, illustration, comics, and design.

His illustrations have been featured in The Big Book of Contemporary Illustration, Spectrum, and Gestalten's Illusive 3 book of contemporary illustration. Since 2007 he has produced work for 55DSL (Diesel Clothing), The Internet Band, Paste Magazine, Business Week, Focus Features, Dawn Richard and Minus the Bear. He is also the logo designer and artist behind the original Peace Iced Tea for prior to 2017. He was awarded the platinum prize for Illustration in the 42nd Creativity International Print Competition.

His fine art has been exhibited at Thinkspace Gallery, Gallery 1988, Gallery Nucleus, Cotton Candy Machine, Spoke Art Gallery, Art Whino Gallery, AR4T Gallery, Sin City Gallery, and in the globally touring exhibitions Tiger Translate and Into Infinity.

His first graphic novel, Amnesia (NBM Publishing; 2001), combined pen & ink, digital, and painted media. He returned to the sequential/comics medium in 2007, concepting and illustrating sequential-art rock interviews for Lemon Magazine, and is currently at work on his autobiographical graphic novel titled Queasy [an excerpt appears in Image Comics' Popgun Anthology Volume #4].


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