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John Misto (born 13 October 1952) is an Australian writer best known for his work in TV and theatre. He graduated with an Arts/Law degree from the University of New South Wales, in Sydney and then practised as a lawyer before changing his career to concentrate on working as a recognized writer and playwright. [1][2]

Select credits[edit]

Theatre Credits[edit]

  • The Last Time I Saw Paris (1980)
  • Room for Dreamers (1980)
  • The Dying of Angel Dunleavy (1980)
  • Sky (1992)
  • The Shoe-Horn Sonata (1995)
  • Gossamer (1997)
  • Harp on the Willow (2007)
  • Dark Voyager (2014)
  • Madame Rubinstein (2017) [produced in Sydney as Lip Service]


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