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John Palmer (b. May 13, 1943 in Sydney, Nova Scotia, d. May 15, 2020 in Ottawa, Ontario[1]) was a Canadian theatre and film director and playwright.[2]

Cofounder of several theatre companies in Toronto in the 1970s, Palmer is primarily a theatre director, whose credits include the original production of Brad Fraser's Wolfboy which marked the first acting role for Keanu Reeves.

He has also directed two feature films, Me in 1975 and Sugar in 2004.

He also directed/co-wrote the short film The Archer (2005), which is about the rise and fall of relationships. The film stars Kim Poirier, Dov Tiefenbach and Anthony Furey.


  • A Touch of God in the Golden Age (1971)
  • The End (1972)
  • A Day at the Beach (1987)
  • Singapore (2001)


  • Me (1975)
  • Sugar (2004)
  • The Archer (2005)


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