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John Picard (born 25 March 1957) is an American architect, builder, entrepreneur as well as a building efficiency and sustainability expert. He is currently the founder and CEO of John Picard & Associates, an environmental and sustainability consulting firm working with international clients.

He began his career as a designer, builder and entrepreneur. In 1990, Picard built his own home[1] to operate completely "off the grid."[2]

Picard was one of the first members of President Bill Clinton's Greening of the White House team that developed environmental energy audits and innovative upgrade recommendations for the complex. This led to him becoming a founding member of the U.S. Green Building Council. In the early 1990s, he worked with corporations like Interface Inc. and The Gap[3] to develop and implement pioneering environmental energy efficiency policies and operational systems to improve efficiency and productivity. In 2012, he partnered with energy executives Tim Donovan and Steve Hightower to form HP Energy, an energy efficiency development company.[4]

Picard recently signed on to serve as Sustainability Consultant for the City of Greensburg, Kansas for Planet Green's major programming initiative "Greensburg", produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and Craig Piligian. The 13-episode series will play across The Discovery Channel, Planet Green, TLC and The Science Channel.

Picard has been covered in trade publications[5] and has been a speaker for Fortune 500 companies and universities. He has received awards and honors in the fields of architecture and energy. Picard's network of colleagues allows him to build his own "dream teams" to tackle the most complex, multi-disciplinary projects.


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