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Sir John Shurley (died 3 August 1527) was an English noble who held the financial office of Cofferer to the King during the reign of Henry VIII. He was married twice—to Parnell Grandford and then Margery Goring, and had at least five children, including Edward, his heir.

The surname seems to have come from Shurley Manor, which was located in Herefordshire, and the surname is commonly spelled Shirley today.

Eventually the Shurley family became chief residents of Isfield and Sir John and many of his family are buried at Isfield Church. The inscription over his tomb describes Sir John as "chef clerke of the kechen to our souayn kyng henry ye viii". He had two prominent great-grandsons: Sir John Shurley, politician and his brother Sir George Shurley, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland.[1]


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