John VI of Werle

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John VI, Lord of Werle
Spouse(s) Agnes of Werle
Noble family House of Mecklenburg
Father Bernard II of Werle
Mother Elizabeth of Holstein-Plön
Born after 1341
Died between 1385 and 1395

John VI, Lord of Werle-Waren-Goldberg (born: after 1341; died: after 16 October 1385) was Lord of Werle-Goldberg from 1382 to 1385.

He was the son of Bernard II of Werle and Elizabeth, daughter of John III, Count of Holstein-Plön.

He reigned only along with his father and after his father's death in 1382 alone, over the Lordships of Werle-Goldberg and Werle-Waren. He was married with Agnes, daughter of Nicholas IV of Werle-Goldberg. It is not known when he died. In a document dated 16 October 1395, he is mentioned as being alive. He is known to have died before 1395.


  • Nicholas V, Lord of Werle-Waren-Goldberg
  • Christopher, Lord of Werle-Waren-Goldberg
  • Agnes, a nun at Malchow, (died after 21 October 1449)
  • Mirislava, (died after 28 November 1436)

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John VI of Werle
Born: after 1341 Died: between 1385 and 1395
Preceded by
Bernard II
Lord of Werle-Waren-Goldberg
1382 — between 1385 and 1395
Succeeded by
Nicholas V