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John Verwey

John Verwey (born July 27, 1957), nicknamed The Walrus, is a Canadian darts player. During a 25-year career, he has enjoyed numerous wins competing in his native Ontario, Canada, going on to represent the province at the national level on four occasions.[1] In 2005, Verwey earned a spot in the PDC World Darts Championship where he lost in the third round to Colin Lloyd.[2]


Verwey honed his innate darts talent most of his youth but hadn't yet turned professional until around the mid-nineties, where he met with some success for the first time at the Canada National Championships.[3] Primarily renowned as a singles champion, John Verwey often forayed into the doubles scene, alongside fellow darts player and spouse, Heather.[4]

Verwey was defeated by Colin Lloyd in the 2005 World Darts Championship.[5]

Verwey is currently unranked, and as such, receives no benefit of sponsorship as many professional darts players often do.


Verwey is a dual-ticketed millwright and electrician and currently operates a laboratory at the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station near Port Elgin. He maintains a sprawling farm estate in Auburn, Ontario, with his wife, three children and relatives.

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