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John Walton (23 July 1784, Knaresborough, Yorkshire- 3 January 1862, Knaresborough) was an English entomologist who specialised in Coleoptera especially Curculionidae. His collection is held by the Natural History Museum, London John Walton was educated in first in Knaresborough then in London where he studied Chemistry at the Mathematical Society of Spitalfields , then applying his science to sugar refining in his uncles refinery based in Whitechapel whom he succeeded in that lucrative business. By then wealthy he retired in 1832 to devote himself to entomology. He corresponded with Carl Johan Schönherr, Ernst Friedrich Germar and Louis Alexandre Auguste Chevrolat exchanging specimens with all three.

He was a fellow of the Entomological Society and the Linnaean Society.


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