John Zachariah Kiernander

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Johann "John" Zachariah Kiernander
Society for the Promotion of Christian Knowledge Missionary
In office
29 September 1758 – 1787
Personal details
Born(1710-12-01)1 December 1710
Östergötland, Sweden
Died10 May 1799(1799-05-10) (aged 88)
Calcutta, India
Spouse(s)?, ?, Ann Wolley
ChildrenRobert William Kiernander
Alma materFranckesche Stiftungen

John Zachariah Kiernander (1711–1799), also known as Johann Zacharias Kiernander, was a Swedish Lutheran missionary in India.[1]

Beth-Tephillah Church founded 1770 by John Zachariah Kiernander, later the Old Mission Church, Calcutta

He was the first Protestant Missionary to establish a base in Bengal. He built the Old Mission Church in Calcutta and founded one of the first printing presses in Calcutta. In 1781, he accused James Augustus Hicky, the editor and publisher of Hicky's Bengal Gazette of libel. He won the trial. He is the author of The Trial and Conviction of James Augustus Hicky.


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