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Johrei "purification of the spirit" (浄霊?, Jōrei), sometimes spelled jyorei, is a purported healing ritual involving a giver and a receiver.[1] It was by developed in Japan in the 1930s by Mokichi Okada.[2][unreliable source?]


The mission of Johrei is to bring about ideal conditions on Earth, replacing illness, poverty and strife with health, prosperity and peace, but Johrei is not about restoring physical health. The ultimate objective must also include the necessary spiritual elevation and understanding which make possible each individual's constructive participation in creating Paradise on Earth.[3][clarification needed]


Practitioners claim to channel light and warmth into the receiver by having giver and receiver conjure an image of sunlight.[1] The giver performs some hand motions about the receivers body.[1] During Johrei lectures and classes, many reports of dramatic healings are shared with the understanding that temporary symptom suppression is not the same thing as healing.[4] Johrei not only helps people experience miracles in healing but it nourishes the soul enabling people to grasp spiritual realities with greater clarity.[5]

A permanent solution for disease is not possible by treating only the body (matter) and neglecting the spirit.[6] Johrei sheds divine light directly on the soul.[7]

A given drug once thought to be beneficial can turn out to be poisonous or have dangerous side effects or aftereffects.[attribution needed][8]

Johrei was introduced to America in 1953, and there are numerous Johrei centers throughout the United States and other countries.[9]

There are several spiritual organizations that follow Okada's teachings and use Johrei as a method for spiritual purification, including Izunome, Mokichi Okada Association, Johrei Fellowship, and Shinji Shumeikai (also called Shumei).

Clinical trials by The Johrei Institute -

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