Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee

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Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee
JRCALC logo.jpg
Full name Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee
Native name JRCALC
Founded 1989
Country United Kingdom
Website [1]

JRCALC is the Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee.[1] Their role is to provide robust clinical speciality advice to ambulance services within the UK and it publishes regularly updated clinical guidelines[citation needed]. The first meeting of JRCALC was in 1989 and was hosted by the Royal College of Physicians, London.[citation needed]

The guidelines are supposed to be produced from evidence-based medicine. However, organisations such as the College of Paramedics have criticised the committee for poor reference to available evidence in the past.[2]

JRCALC have produced a number of systematic reviews on various topics.[3] Available evidence is researched and discussed by a team of academics and clinicians including representatives from all UK ambulance services, and a number of medical disciplines.[citation needed] The Guidelines are produced by the JRCALC Guideline Development Group (JRCALC-GDG) hosted by the University of Warwick.[4]

Executive committee[edit]

  • Chairman - Dr Wim Blancke[citation needed]
  • Joint honorary secretaries - Dr Fiona Jewkes & Mr M O'Flaherty
  • Honorary treasurer - Dr Fionna Moore
  • Committee administrator - Ms Carole Long


Ambulance Service Association

  • Dr Gillian Bryce
  • Professor Michael Langman
  • Dr Jeremy Mayhew
  • Dr David McManus
  • Mr Paul Phillips
  • Mr John Nichols
  • Mr Phil Pimlott
  • Dr John Scott

British National Formulary

  • Ms Rachel Ryan

College of Paramedics

  • Mr Roland Furber
  • Professor Andy Newton

British Association for Immediate Care

  • Dr David Zideman

Directors of Clinical Care (DOCCs)

  • Dr John Stephenson

College of Emergency Medicine

  • Mr Darren Walter
  • Dr Henry Guly
  • Dr Fionna Moore
  • Dr Alison Walker

Health Professions Council

  • Mr Mark Woolcock

Resuscitation Council

  • Dr Mick Colquhoun

Royal College of Anaesthetists

  • Dr Wim Blancke
  • Professor Charles Deakin
  • Dr Michael Ward

Royal College of General Practitioners

  • Dr Iain McNeil
  • Dr Simon Stockley
  • Dr Simon Brown

Royal College of Midwives

  • Mrs Claudette Reid

Royal College of Nursing

  • Mr Mike Hayward
  • Mrs Fizz Thompson
  • Professor Tom Quinn

Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

  • Dr Helen Simpson

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

  • Dr Quen Mok
  • Dr Julian Sandell

Royal College of Physicians

  • Dr Helen Booth
  • Dr Tom Evans
  • Dr Liam Penny
  • Dr Howard Swanton
  • Dr David Smith

Royal College of Psychiatrists

  • Professor Richard Williams

Staff Side Ambulance Council

  • Mr Sam Oestreicher

Guideline Development Group Members[edit]

  • Dr Simon Brown - Chairman
  • Professor Matthew Cooke - Project Director
  • Dr Joanne Fisher - Senior Research Fellow
  • Mr Stephen Hines - Paramedic Project Advisor
  • Mr Mike Smyth - Paramedic Project Advisor

The guideline development group relies upon the unpaid work of numerous clinicians to complete the systematic reviews to support the guidelines.[5]



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