Jojo Khalastra

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Jojo Khalastra
Ha-Comedy Store character
Zvika Hadar.jpg
Portrayed by Zvika Hadar
Gender Male

Jojo Khalastra (Hebrew: ז'וז'ו חלסטרה‎) was an Israeli satiric character played by Zvika Hadar in 1994-1995.[1]

Jojo Khalastra appeared on The Comedy Store, a show on Israel Television's Channel Two, as the iconic Mizrahi ars, a Hebrew slang term derived from Arabic [2] referring to a stereotyped male character who wears flashy jewelry and clothing. Khalastra debuted in 1994 and soon became the show's signature character. With his leopard-skin shirt and a trademark hairdo,[3] Khalastra was known for his malapropisms and humorous yet insightful take on social affairs in Israel.[4]

From his name and accent, it is clear that Jojo represents a stereotypical Moroccan Jew. "Khalastra" is an invented word that the character uses to describe his hot-blooded response to perceived slights.[5]

The role of Jojo Khalastra turned Hadar into a cultural icon among young Israelis and the show was deemed a runaway success.[6]

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