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Jonas Reinhardt is an American electronic music group from Brooklyn, New York with releases on Kranky, Not Not Fun, and others. The group's sound is influenced by electronic music of the 1970s,'80s, '90s and even 2000s, particularly in the use of analog synthesizers and keyboards. A debut full-length was released in 2008, with a follow-up issued in 2010 called Powers of Audition. The next full-length, Music for the Tactile Dome, came out in May 2011. In 2012, Jonas Reinhardt collaborated with visual artist Abyss of Fathomless light for a cassette-only full length on VCO cassettes. In April 2013, the fourth full-length album, Mask of the Maker, was released on Not Not Fun.[citation needed]


  • Jesse Reiner
  • Phil Manley
  • Diego Gonzalez
  • Damon Palermo

Discography[clarification needed][edit]

  • "Modern By Nature's Reward EP" (Kranky 2008)
  • Jonas Reinhardt (Kranky, 2008)
  • Powers of Audition (Kranky, 2010)
  • "Manoeuvers 7"" (Kraak, 2011)
  • Music for the Tactile Dome (Not Not Fun Records, 2011)
  • "The Prime Revealer 12"" (Great Pop Supplement, 2011)
  • "Foam Fangs EP" (100% Silk, 2012)
  • "Rusting Ciphers of a Forgotten Sky" (VCO Cassettes, 2012)
  • Mask of the Maker (Not Not Fun Records, 2013)
  • Palace Savant (Further Records, 2015)
  • The Encyclopedia of Civilizations Vol. 1: Egypt (w/Jurgen Mueller) (Abstracke Records, 2017)
  • Conclave Surge (Deep Distance, 2018)
  • Gonzalez & Reinhardt (Stimulus Progression, 2018)