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Jonas W. Karlsson is a Finnish producer and songwriter. He is known from the Finnish band Elokuu,[1] which he formed together with Finnish reggae artist Nopsajalka and rap artist Juno. The band's first single "Soutaa huopaa" was Finland's most purchased song on iTunes after its release. It was also the most listened song on Spotify for three weeks in Finland and one of the most-played songs on the radio in 2012.[2]

Karlsson has written and produced music for artists such as Kasmir, Anna Abreu, Pernilla Karlsson and Redrama. He produced Anna Abreu's latest album V and was a co-producer on Kasmir's debut album AMK Dropout, which included the platinum selling single "Vadelmavene".

Karlsson has worked internationally with various artists such as Madeline Juno, Tiffany Giardina and Sofi De La Torre. The song "Vermillion", which Karlsson wrote with De La Torre and Axel Ehnström, was chosen as one of the best tracks of 2014 by Billboard.[3] Karlsson has also collaborated with several top songwriters from the U.S. including Lil' Eddie, The Jackie Boyz and Melanie Fontana.




  • Hääväki saapuu (2012, EMI Finland)
  • Pöytä on katettu (2013, EMI Finland)


  • "Soutaa huopaa" (Hääväki saapuu, 2012)
  • "Saatilla" (Hääväki saapuu, 2012)
  • "Kullankaivaja" (Hääväki saapuu, 2012)
  • "Tänään lähtee" (Pöytä on katettu 2013)
  • "Valvoo" (Pöytä on katettu 2013)

As a writer/producer[edit]

  • 2011: Redrama – F.R.E.E(Co-Writer, Production, EMI Finland) Single
  • 2012: Pernilla Karlsson – När jag blundar (Co-Writer, Production, Eurovision Song Contest 2012) Single
  • 2012: Tuuli – Salaisuudet (Production, Warner Music Finland) Album
  • 2014: Kasmir - Vadelmavene (Co-writer, Universal Music Finland) Single
  • 2014: Kasmir – #WOWWOWWOW (Co-writer, Universal Music Finland) Single
  • 2014: Anna Abreu – RA-TA TA-TA (Co-writer, Warner Bros. Records) Single
  • 2014: Sofi De La Torre - Vermillion (Co-writer, Production, Facelove/Oh My Sweet Entertainment) Single
  • 2014: Heikki Kuula Feat. Pää Kii & Paperi-T - Rataraato (Co-writer, Producer, Johanna Kustannus) Single
  • 2014: Isac Elliot - Hush (Co-writer, Sony Music Finland)
  • 2014: Isac Elliot - Recklessly (Co-writer, Production, Sony Music Finland)
  • 2015: Kasmir Feat. SAARA - Vauvoja (Co-writer, Production, Universal Music Finland) Single
  • 2015: Robin Feat. Sanni - Miten Eskimot Suutelee? (Co-Writer, Production, Universal Music Finland)
  • 2015: Sofi De La Torre - London x Paris (Co-writer, Production, Facelove/Oh My Sweet Entertainment) Single