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Jonas Wolcher (born April 15, 1973) is a Swedish director and producer known for best known for Die Zombiejäger, Dragonetti: The Ruthless Contract Killer and Cannibal Fog, Titles such as Sektor 236, Precision - The Child Drug Trafficking Hermit: Monster Killer and Root Of Darkness Jonas Wolcher produced and marketed.[1]

Dragonetti: The Ruthless Contract Killer[edit]

In 2010, Wolcher released Dragonetti: The Ruthless Contract Killer as a prequel to 2005's Die Zombiejäger.

He said of the film: "The extreme violence must be the worst thing ever filmed in Sweden. This is ultraviolence.". He described the film as an Ichi the Killer, Pusher and Rambo: First Blood Part II thrown into a blender spiced with angel dust and demonism.[2]

Cannibal Fog[edit]

In 2014, Wolcher released Cannibal Fog, an art house horror film.[3] The film was shot on a modest budget of €1,000.[4]

The film was well received. Critic Karen Oughton declared the film to be "a finely mixed, jangling masterpiece of humanity masquerading as merry mayhem."[5]


Jonas was born in Gothenburg at Östra Sjukhuset 15 April 1973. He spent his childhood most of the time in Munka Ljungby, Skåne until he went to pre-school. His parents were both teachers. Jonas began a career as a tourist guide, but then moved on to become a journalist. He started his first company (commercials) 1996 when he moved back to his hometown. There he tried many different works, salesman, sampler, telephone salesman, merchandiser. 1997 Jonas went to Gothenburg University to study Film Theory. After less than a year he couldn't go on any further. Jonas wanted to make film instead of becoming a film critic . He started his film career in 1999 for a Swedish version of Blair Witch Project "Yvonne", but it failed because the guy who owned the camera and the editing software moved to the UK. 2002 he started to make his first short with the title "Deadly Milk". During a nightmare he called his friend Jonas Lübeck in the middle of the night and explained to him about a future film project. He got Jonas Lübeck on board and from March to May 2002 the film was shot. It had its premier at Fantastic Film Festival, Lund the same year with the title "Zombienoid".

In December 2002 he and his friends starts to make another huge project Mutant "The New Era" Nearly 100 people got involved, but this project had to go and only three trailers were made. May 16 2003 his daughter was born and he had to cancel Mutant. In July 2003 Jonas Wolcher starts with another and much bigger project called "Zombienoid II", which later change to "Die Zombiejäger". The movie is ready in September 2005 and shown at Fantastic Film Festival, Lund.

In fall 2006 a new project "Dragonetti" in progress. It takes nearly 4 years to finish. The movie has its premier in September 2010 at Fantastic Film Festival, Lund the same year. The Swedish Title is Dragonetti The Ruthless Contact Killer.

During the making of "Dragonetti", Jonas also works as a DVD-author and editor for the production "Sektor 236". July 31 2011 was his son born. In 2012 Jonas Wolcher starts to write a horror drama with cannibalism as the theme. He gets help with Brian Bell and Vargman Bjärsborn to create Cannibal Fog, one of the strangest Swedish horror drama of 2014. The movie is shown at Weekend of Horrors, Germany and at Mórbido Mérida in Mexico the same year.

Jonas Wolcher has worked with special effects since 1998, for movies, music videos and lectures "impressive horror makeup easy and effective".

Now Jonas Wolcher has been involved in several projects such as Sektor 236, Barracuda, WeekEND, Root of Darkness, Hermit, Monster Killer, Cocktail Apocalypse among many.

During film festivals and Horror conventions Jonas is always trying to give the visitors as a happy visit as possible. He gladly signing autographs and love a good chat with you.

Jonas Wolcher loves to tell stories right away without so much explanation of the past. Cannibal Fog is his first attempt to make a drama in the cannibal genre instead of putting everything onto the effects.

The strength of Jonas Wolcher is his ability to find music that fits for each specific scene to keep the mood and the rhythm in the movie. He's also very good at artwork and marketing. The expression "to Wolche, or Wolcha" something comes from Jonas Wolcher's ability to market something with no budget. (

Jonas Wolcher is a Swedish film maker and distributor and has been called Creator of new Swedish genre cinema. The film festival Stuff MX in Mexico and Jonas Wolcher have created an award: The Dino Genre Cinema Awards. Dino Publishing JW's mascot "Dino" has become the grand price in a form of a statue and a distribution offer for theatrical release in Sweden.

Wolcher attended culinary school.[6]

Jonas Wolcher was mentioned in the book with 13 pages "Skräck - Boken som gud glömde" by Mattias Lindeblad. There he also got a cartoon character of himself illustrated by Henrik Lange in the book. In the book you can read about his first feature Die Zombiejäger (2005)

In 1994 Jonas Wolcher had his first manga art exhibition in Lidköping, Sweden. Due to the circumstances that wasn't a big hit. Almost no one had heard about that kind of art then.

2018 Jonas Wolcher began making art as well as film making. His latest series of pieces is called #fakeskinart or "Fake Skin Art". It is a series of ordinary items you have in your house transformed into something horryfying and gorgeous.

2017 Jonas Wolcher was awarded "The Best Picture" for the music video "CARAVAN" by Octolab at 12 Months Film Festival in Romania 2017 Jonas Wolcher together with the crew for was awarded "


Year Film Role
2002 [[Zombienoid]] Director
2005 Die Zombiejäger Director
2010 Dragonetti: The Ruthless Contract Killer Director
2014 Cannibal Fog Director
2016 Root of Darkness Producer
2016 Hermit: Monster Killer Producer
2017 Attack of the Cyber Octopuses Fundraising (Dino Publishing JW)
2017 Gulag X Co Producer
2019 Precision - The Child Drug Trafficking Producer, Actor, Editor and Co Director My X Girlfriend Co Producer 2020 The Beast Beneath Lake Bullaren Producer, Director The Tale of Two Swords - Pre-Production Producer


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